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Jordyn's Gift understands the impact and the powerful connection that can develop between animals and youth.

XCEL is a Jordyn's Gift Charity Project that uses Equine-Assisted Therapy (EAT) which includes activities and the environment helping promote physical and emotional growth in disadvantaged youth.

Benefits of Equine Assisted Therapy:

Studies have indicated that equine therapy has been successful in helping youth show marked improvements in the following areas:

* Problem Solving Skills like critical thinking, situational awareness, and discernment.

* Leadership through self-regulation, integrity, patience, respect, and self-control.

* Confidence, trustworthiness, and planning ahead.

* Setting healthy boundaries, anger management and stress tolerance, emotional awareness, and empathy.

* Setting and Reaching Goals, personal and social responsibility, companionship and friendship, self-sacrifice, and more.

After learning safe and natural horsemanship, teens gain a sense of independence and the value of interpersonal relationships. It’s an experience that benefits every area of their lives.

This project relies on support from the community and caring people like you.  The donation you provide (no amount is to small), will allow us to continue to serve our community and may even allow us to expand our services. Twenty-Five percent of all donations to a JG Project goes into a general account for overall expenses. You can even become a Guardian Angel by clicking the box to make your contribution a monthly gift.

Please know that your financial support is greatly appreciated!  If you wish to volunteer and become part of our team please contact us, we'd love to hear from you.

Thank you from all of us here at Jordyn's Gift and the XCEL Project staff!

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